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יום ראיונות ראשון:
1. שאלון פרטים אישיים
2. דינמיקה קבוצתית – אתגר המרשמלו
3. מבחן סגור
Please rate the following tasks by their priority and think how you should handle it.
A. Partner (who in the past had many false alerts) calls and says that players can't register.
B. You get an alert that two servers need to be restarted.
C. Support opened a case about players from one country that cannot register. they only provide 1 example.
D. You got an alert that service crashed on a server.
E. Support calls and says that there are over 50 complaints from members that cannot play on 888casino.
F. You got an email from 3rd party vendor about upcoming maintenance and you need to send formal mail to the partners.
G. You got an alert that the Casino DB is down.
H. You got an email saying there was a version upload to the registration process. You should communicate that to the support in Gibraltar and Antigua.
I. You got an email from internal employee asking to unlock his user.
4. מבחן פתוח – הגדרת מושגים (מותר להשתמש באינטרנט)
High availability
Active directory
Physical server vs. Virtual server
Test server connection
HTTP errors 200-500
3 way handshake
Hosts file
Application 3 layers
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