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1. The 2 Eggs Problem – Building of 100 floors, You need to find the breakable floor. (google it…)
2. NXN pixels picture, each pixel is 4 bit. You need to build a method for rotating the pic in 90 degree.

3. Data structure of UML: create Class Diagram:

a. some Receivers – first answer
b. one Manager – second answer
c. some Directors –third answer.

If Receiver can't take the call , it moves to Manager,
If Manager can't take the call, it moves to Director
4. Bonus:
Data structure of Two Tress:
T1 – Tree with millions of nodes
T2 – Tree with hundreds of nodes
You need to write algorithm which saying wheatear T2 is sub-tree of T1 ?

T2 is sub-tree of T1 if there is a node in T1 that which all his descending exists